The Best Small Kitchen Appliances

The Best Small Kitchen Appliances

April 17, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and appliances play a big role. The jaw-dropping progress in technology has given homeowners many new gadgets that reduce the time and energy spent on cooking, and we have prepared here a list of some of the best small kitchen appliances. Of course, these electronics depend on reliable electrical circuits and outlets. If your electrical system is lacking, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas to hire a reliable electrician and bring your system up to standard. We offer a host of electrical services to upgrade your kitchen and bring it well into the 21st century. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call.

Smart Displays

You could probably guess we were going to list some "smart" appliances, and we are starting off with the displays. These devices, such as the Lenovo Smart Display and Google Home Hub, can work with Google Assistant and allow you to scroll through recipes, watch videos, or enjoy music while cooking your favorite dishes. If you are going to invest in a smart display, then make sure to review their features, beginning with splash resistance. Other features include voice activation, apps, and cross-device compatibility.

Handheld Immersible Blenders

Want to prepare a snack to-go? Also known as "stick blenders," handheld immersion blenders are great for blending fruit smoothies and protein shakes in a snap. These are also great for blending ingredients right in the pot, without having to get bowls and other containers dirty. Look for models that offer child lock features as well as design that allows quick changing of blades for whisking and chopping.

Electric Knife

You might not notice it in the rush of getting food ready but cutting takes a lot of energy out of you! The electric knife brings the standard kitchen tool into the new millennium, allowing you to carve meat and slice bread without breaking a sweat. Again, look for models with child lock features as this is probably the biggest concern when it comes to electric knives.

Precision Cooker

If you, or members of your household, are particular with how you like your food cooked, then consider a precision cooker. This splash resistant device attaches inside of pots and pans to quickly heat water, maintain precise temperature, and create consistent circulation. You can even connect the device to your smartphone or smart display so that you can monitor the progress remotely.

Infrared Thermometer

Ovens, refrigerators, and freezers have their own integrated thermometers but how do you know they are working properly? Pull out your infrared thermometer to make sure they are operating properly. Many models come with attachable probes, allowing you to check food temperatures before serving.

Handheld Vacuum

Need a quick and easy way to keep the kitchen clean? Invest in a handheld vacuum specifically for the kitchen. These devices can be used to clean up wet and dry spills alike.

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Are the outlets in your kitchen enough to keep up with the increasing number of electronic appliances? If not, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas to hire a certified electrician today. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call.