Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

March 09, 2022

We need our electricity to flow freely and easily to our devices. For it to flow freely, our outlets must also be accessible. Outlets can get worn out just like everything else. It’s important to know the signs indicating when you should have your outlets replaced. Take great care of your outlets by researching and asking a qualified electrician at Mr. Electric of Dallas about the matter. Learning about the signs for the need for an electrical outlet replacement can help everyone.

Reasons For an Outlet Upgrade

You use your outlets every day, so if something seems off or your outlet isn’t functioning properly, call Mr. Electric of Dallas to inspect it. We value your safety and want to make sure everything is running smoothly at home. Here’s how you can realize if an electrical outlet replacement is necessary.

  • Sparks and bad odors – If you notice any sizzling or crackling sounds, it might be because of a short circuit or a damaged electrical outlet. Wiring can loosen and become increasingly damaged over the years. If your outlets are warm to the touch or you notice slight burn marks, cut the power, and immediately call a nearby electrician. These situations can be hazardous and even cause fires.
  • Too many cords – Sometimes the outlets in a room may not be enough to satisfy everyone simultaneously. You may then resort to extension cords, which is fine. However, too many extension cords in one space can be an overwhelming and unpleasant sight. A bunch of wires coiling around each other can look pretty unattractive. If you notice that your outlet numbers are running short, you may want to call for a professional to upgrade your outlets.
  • Flickering lights – After you plug in an appliance if your lights start to flicker or dim, it’s a red flag. This can usually happen because of a power-consuming appliance being connected to the same circuit as your lights. Your outlets are not capable of dealing with such a huge charge of power. Contact Mr. Electric of Dallas to adjust your circuits and lines, separating the major appliances.
  • Two-prong outlets – Take a look at the type of outlets you have installed around the house. If any of them are two-pronged, we suggest you replace them. Two-prong outlets are ungrounded, meaning they don’t have the ground wire necessary to protect you from power surges. The needed ground wire helps protect you from shocks, fires, and damage to devices.
  • Loose plug-ins – Have you ever plugged in a cable to your outlet only for the cable to fall right back out. This is because of loose connections that have worn out behind your outlet. As frustrating as it is, it’s also very dangerous. These loose connections can cause sparks, which can lead to fires. Thankfully, the replacement process is easy and fast. Call Mr. Electric of Dallas to help you along the process of the replacement of your outlets.

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Now that you are aware of the signs of needing an outlet replacement, you too can be cautious with the warnings. We use electricity and outlets in our daily lives and will continue to use them, so being able to spot when something is going wrong will be very helpful.