Smart Home Devices and Your Electricity Bill

Smart Home Devices and Your Electricity Bill

March 03, 2022

When you receive a higher than usual monthly electric bill, it can raise concerns regarding your usage. Utility bills are easily predictable since you receive one every month, and an experienced electrician should handle any sign of increase. If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars annually on utility bills, you can catch a break by going green. Many energy-saving smart home devices can drastically cut down your monthly utility bill, and Mr. Electric of Dallas can help you make the change.

Onboarding an electrician to help you "smartly" cut down on your energy bills is important since they have sufficient industry knowledge and expertise needed to make an informed decision. With these energy-saving smart home devices, you can enjoy minute to massive energy savings, reflecting a reduced monthly energy expenditure. Here are some of the devices recommended by Mr. Electric of Dallas if your electric bill is higher than usual.

Smart Thermostat ($100+)

Your heating and cooling systems make up the most of your home’s energy expense, which makes upgrading to a smart thermostat an ideal investment to mitigate the issue. Our team of qualified and equipped electricians in Farmers Branch can install the latest models that adjust themselves to your thermostat preferences, enhancing the quality of your interior space. Since these devices can be controlled remotely, you can adjust the settings when you are away to minimize electricity usage. Smart Thermostats can help you identify areas taking up more energy, helping you make the changes needed to save energy.

Light Occupancy Sensor Switch ($10+)

Modern homes are moving from standard light switches to modern light occupancy sensors. This means that the risk of leaving a light switch on is eliminated, reducing your energy use to only when you are at home. Light occupancy sensors can detect natural light and your proximity to the room before switching on or off. This is an excellent way of reducing your electricity use and damage to any existing light switches. Mr. Electric of Dallas recommends upgrading to light occupancy sensor switches in areas like the guest baths or any other area where guests usually fumble with light switches.

Smart Outlet ($25+)

Smart outlets are taking over from standard outlets, allowing homeowners to control them using a smart device-driven app or other voice-operated devices like Siri or Alexa. A smart outlet can help you schedule when you want your outlets on or off, making it easy to operate various appliances like fans, lamps, humidifiers, water heaters, and more. This gives you a better command of your electric appliances and control of power usage by each device that’s plugged in.

Smart Blinds ($150+)

As summer approaches, the heat alone is enough to put pressure on your air conditioning, especially if you are receiving direct sunlight into your home. An electrician can install smart blinds to offer your HVAC reprieve by automatically closing when the temperature reaches a certain level. These are just some of the numerous smart home devices that can help you lower your utility bills. Contact us today at Mr. Electric of Dallas, and enjoy quality electrical repair service at cost-effective rates.