Teaching Your Children Electrical Safety

Teaching Your Children Electrical Safety

April 19, 2023

Even with the best childproofing measures and electrical mechanisms in place, you should be vigilant in educating children about electrical safety. Creating awareness goes a long way in mitigating dangers, such as electrocution or fire hazards. This should be done as early as your kids start to crawl and explore so that they stay away from electrical outlets and other devices. It is also advisable to monitor them constantly and consult a professional electrician for advice. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we have experienced and high-trained experts ready to help you create a safe environment for your children.

Explain Why Electrical Sockets and Cords Are Dangerous

Children over four or five years usually understand what you are saying, allowing you to explain the dangers of electrical outlets and cords. Once they know the potential dangers, they can avoid these items around your home. It is advisable to warn them against sticking items in electrical sockets, and if they need to plug in a device, they should have an adult present. Creating a culture of electrical awareness amongst children helps avoid safety hazards and power surges from plugging in multiple devices.

Teach Children to Keep Electrical Devices Away from Water

Research shows that many electrical-related accidents in homes are caused by using electricity near water sources like baths, sinks, and toilets. Explain to your children why water and electricity are a terrible combination. The last thing any parent wants is an electrical hazard near kids, so devices like curling irons, hairdryers, ovens, and toasters should be put in a safe place. If these devices touch or fall into the water, they can wreak unimaginable damage in your home.

If an electrical appliance falls in the water, the kids should always alert an adult on the premises. They should never attempt to remove these devices using their hands or standing in the water. This is an effective way of preventing electrocution and other hazards. As mentioned, parents should keep electrical devices in a safe place out of the reach of children. During storms, remind your young ones to avoid puddles and remain indoors.

Steer Clear of Fallen or Broken Wires

Whether during a storm or a tree-cutting accident, teach children to avoid broken or fallen wires, especially when there’s a spark. Even without sparks, the current may still pass through them, risking electrocution or death. Although this sounds bad, it protects your loved ones from dangerous scenarios. In addition, children should refrain from flying kites, building tree houses, or climbing trees near power lines.

Call 911, and an Electrical Repair Service

When wires fall or someone is electrocuted, the best option is to call 911, followed by an electrical repair service. This is also the right action during an electrical fire or electrocution. A certified electrician can assess the severity of damage and recommend viable solutions to prevent a recurrence.

Contact us at Mr. Electric of Dallas to learn more about electrical safety at home and the range of services we provide. Schedule a consultation today and keep your loved ones safe from electrical hazards.