Updating Your Old Electrical Outlets

Updating Your Old Electrical Outlets

September 11, 2022

Electrical outlets are the gateway to the electrical supply running throughout the many circuits in your building. They are made to withstand or at least avoid the immense power of electricity, but they are not perfect. The elements and normal wear and tear can deteriorate the electrical outlets. Further, if electricity does get a hold of the outlets, it can cause serious damage to the outlets. Worse, an issue with the electrical wiring can wreak havoc on the outlets as well as the electrical system. So, is it time to update your old outlets? Mr. Electric of Dallas is here with some thoughts on the matter.

Damaged Electrical Outlets

Electricity is nothing to take lightly, even if it is supposedly coming in at low voltage. There is no knowing when a sudden surge of electricity can tear through your electrical outlets. If you notice burn marks, melting, or smoke on or around your outlets, then shut off the respective circuit breaker to cut the electricity. Next, call a qualified electrician as soon as possible.

Other signs of damage include cracking and chipping on the electrical outlet. Damaged electrical outlets can harm your electrical devices and put you at risk of electrocution and your building at risk of an electrical fire. You should replace these damaged outlets without delay!

Unfunctional Electrical Outlets

What good is an electrical outlet without the electrical? If your outlet is nothing more than a hole in the wall, and you can’t get any electricity out of it, then it is time to investigate. It could be a false alarm. You might just need to flip the circuit breaker ON or reset the GFCI. Other times, loose wiring in the outlet could be the culprit. Worse comes to worst, the electrical wiring could be damaged.

Test the outlet by plugging in something that you know is working, like a current phone charger. If it does not work, then look for switches on the wall that might control that outlet. If that does not work, then check the electrical panel for flipped circuit breakers and reset the GFCI if applicable. If these do not resolve the issue, then you might want to call in an electrician.

Old Electrical Outlets

Are your electrical outlets yellowish brown in color? If so, then they might be getting too old for your own good. Old electrical outlets may be missing crucial safety features available on modern outlets. Old outlets are also more likely to have internal damage. We recommend replacing electrical outlets every five to seven years.

Call the Professionals Today

If you have decided it is time for an electrical outlet replacement, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas to hire an experienced electrician. Our electricians are regularly trained and equipped with some of the latest tools, meaning we are prepared to deliver quality service the first time around. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call and schedule a convenient appointment. We may also arrange an emergency electrical appointment if necessary.