Upgrade Your Electrical System for Electrical Vehicles

Upgrade Your Electrical System for Electrical Vehicles

August 14, 2018

You need to have an ideal electrical vehicle home charging system as part of your EV purchase and it is important you have some information about the electrical system for 100% safe, and reliable recharging of your vehicle. You can charge your electric vehicle in a 120 Volt outlet but in some cases, such an outlet may not be up to the task. You need to consider upgrading your electrical vehicle charging system and through a recommendable Mr. Electric of Dallas and for any type of EV Charger Installation in Dallas.

Is the 120-volt outlet good enough?

The average modern electric car can conveniently plug into the 120-volt outlet, but you need some upgrading for safety reasons and to achieve a faster recharge of your vehicle. You can start by performing a quick check on the home electric car charging setup.  When you charge your electric car at home, but you witness dimming lights, and the circuit breaker continues to trip, you need to consider an upgrade for your electrical vehicle charging system. Dimming of lights and tripping of circuit breakers are particularly rampant in homes older than 20 years. 

Upgrading the same old electric vehicle charger

The AC level 1 (120V/15A) outlet is only capable of providing a level 1 charge for an electric car through a standard 3-prong outlet that requires a dedicated branch circuit to protect your home appliances. With an option like this, you will require between 8 and 12 hours to achieve a full charge of your electric car and that will add up to 5 miles driving range per hour.

Consider a bigger option-You may want to consider the AC level 2 which is the 240Volt/30-70A

You can achieve a level 2 charging through a larger 240 Volt AC plug. The receptacle of this device will require the installation of a special charging equipment in the home. This upgrade will reduce the time required to recharge your vehicle to 3-6 hours and that means 10-60 miles of driving range per hour. Please take note that your utility service provider or local authority may offer you rebates on this installation. With Mr. Electric of Dallas, you can customize your installation special features such as keypads, smartphone connectivity, status lights, and timers. 

The supercharged upgrade – The DC fast-charging upgrade 

The DC fast-charging stations will recharge your electric vehicle in as little as 20-40 minutes. These stations, however, will require some specialty equipment alongside electrical servicing upgrades due to the higher electrical draw. These stations are normally found in public stations as well as traffic corridors, workplaces, and retail centers. Similarly, these systems may face some unique challenges during installation, for instance, parking, zoning issues, electrical concerns and eligibility to rebates, are just some of these concerns. To learn more about upgrading to the super-fast DC charging, please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas. 

Let Mr. Electric of Dallas help you upgrade your electric vehicle charging system 

Mr. Electric offers 100% reliable and affordable upgrade of electrical charging systems for automobile vehicles. The costs are also economical, and we can also schedule an electrical safety inspection for your EV charging system.