Upgrade Your Home with Versatile Track Lights

Upgrade Your Home with Versatile Track Lights

September 20, 2018

Track lighting was once a staple in households across America in the 1980’s and 90’s. Their popularity may have declined temporarily, but thanks to innovations in technology and manufacturing, they are quickly gaining favor with modern day homeowners. Today’s new models offer many benefits and come with features unavailable with original track lighting. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we proudly provide lighting installation and many other electrical services in Dallas, University Park, Inwood, Highland Park, Oak Lawn, Farmers Branch, Lake Highlands, North Dallas, Arlington, Lakewood and other surrounding metro area communities. Are you ready to install a new lighting system for your Dallas, Texas home or business? Here are a few reasons to consider track lighting for your next project. 

Benefits of Track Lighting

Track lighting provides amazing versatility. Unlike other fixed lighting systems such as recessed bulbs, floor lamps or immovable fixtures, track lights can be easily adjusted to give light where you need it most. Track lighting is incredibly efficient for small spaces, or for those who want to maximize their living space. Because there’s no bulky fixture or need to take over valuable square footage, you can utilize your floor plan much more effectively. There’s no need to install multiple lights at various locations throughout the room, you can simply move the light down the track, and place it at the precise angle needed for the task. While older models may have been power hungry, today’s versions can be used with LED bulbs, for maximum energy efficiency. You can also purchase low voltage models that reduce energy usage even more. Another great benefit of modern track systems is their incredible range of designs. Whether you want crisp minimalistic straight lines, organic curves or artistic spirals and zigzags, there’s sure to be a track system that meets your unique style and décor. 

What Areas Are the Best for Track Lighting Installations?

Now you may be wondering which areas of your home will track lighting make the most sense. Almost any room can benefit from having a track lighting system, but these are the most common:

Kitchen – Families with large kitchen and dining areas can have lighting available while preparing meals, entertaining and dining. You’ll have adequate lighting, whether you’re at the kitchen counter cooking dinner, helping your kids with their homework at the kitchen island, or celebrating the holidays with loved ones.

Living Rooms and Areas of Entertaining – Track lighting in family rooms and entertainment areas can provide an effective way to set the mood, help enhance the flow of your living space and showcase works of art or architectural features of your home. 

Long Hallways – Track lighting gives a more uniform distribution of light down long hallways, making them practical and useful for your household’s everyday use. 

Home Office or Workshop – If you work from home or frequently use your study or workshop on nights and weekends, then track lighting can help you be more productive. You can move from one station to the next, and ensure that you have proper lighting no matter what project you’re working on. 

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