Signs It’s Time for a Wiring Upgrade

Signs It’s Time for a Wiring Upgrade

October 01, 2018

Your home’s wiring is a vital component to its overall electrical system. Ignoring problems with your wiring can lead to dangerous consequences, like electrocution or fire. You can also damage expensive electronics and appliances due to short circuits. Still, it isn’t always easy to know when your wiring needs to be repaired or replaced. At Mr. Electric of Dallas, we proudly offer a wide range of commercial and residential services in Arlington, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Inwood, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, North Dallas, Oak Lawn, University Park and other DFW neighborhoods. Here are a few signs that should alert you to the need for a wiring upgrade. 

Your Circuits Aren’t Grounded

Grounded circuits are standard for all modern homes and businesses. If your outlets are missing a third prong, then they aren’t grounded. In fact, if you live in a previously owned home, having a three-prong outlet cover doesn’t mean it’s really been properly grounded. Some less ethical homeowners may have just switched the plates so they appear to have been upgraded. If you are unsure whether your circuits are grounded, it’s important to have them tested. 

The Breaker Trips Frequently

If you find yourself running to the breaker box every few days, then there is certainly an electrical issue going on. While there’s a chance the breaker itself is damaged, you’ll need to be sure the problem isn’t bad wiring or an inadequate electrical system. If you own an older home, it may be ill equipped to handle the amount of power that today’s households consume. Houses built in the 1980’s weren’t wired to accommodate laptops, televisions, video game systems, and a multitude of small and large appliances all at the same time. You may need to increase the number of outlets and replace outdated wiring so you can enjoy safe and more convenient access to electricity. 

Current Wiring Was Installed 40 Years Ago

In the 60’s and 70’s it was common for home builders to use aluminum wiring rather than copper. The materials were more affordable, but it was soon discovered that aluminum wiring was dangerous and increased the risk of electrical fires. Laws and regulations were put in place to avoid aluminum wiring installations for new homes, but older houses and commercial buildings were frequently grandfathered in. If your house was built decades ago, then you may want to hire a certified electrician for a proper inspection. If aluminum wiring is discovered, it’s vital that you replace it as soon as possible. 

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