What is the Best Way to Run Power Outside?

What is the Best Way to Run Power Outside?

February 25, 2018

If you are looking to boost your outdoor power experience then Mr. Electric Electricians in Dallas will have it covered for you. So, whether are you partying hard tonight or have a family barbeque organised, you can run your power outside safely and effectively with these electrical devices. 

Extension Cords AKA your short-term power supply

Well, if you are in need of an urgent outdoor power supply then using an extension cord would be good enough. So, you are pruning your lawn, or you wish to light your lad’s birthday party in the evening, a decent extension cord will do the job for you. You need to ensure that you take up those extension cords that can withstand moisture, extreme sunlight, and other weather conditions. If you think the indoor extension cord you purchased last week from the store will work for your outdoor power purposes as well then you are wrong. The indoor extension cords are not designed for such rugged usage and hence you need a professional outdoor extension cord.

Do not think over much and come to Mr. Electric of Dallas and we will help you choose the right on for yourself. 

Safety measures of your outdoor extension cord

  • Firstly, pick the right cord for the job, as not all cords are standard. Check the wattage of connected devices and get your extension cord accordingly. 
  • To prevent your family from any mishap, you need to connect the extension cord into a GFCI outlet. This outlet you can see in the garage, kitchen or bathroom.
  • Your cord should neither be too long and nor too short. Select the size of the cord as per your requirement.
  • After the use is over, unplug the cord and secure it indoors when not in use.

Get the long-term power supple installed with the help of Mr. Electric of Dallas

If long term outdoor power is your objective, then you need to talk to our representative and he will suggest you the most appropriate long-term power supple for your abode. So, after you have installed a long-term outdoor power system, lighting, lawn maintenance, your outbuilding power needs will become much easier. To achieve this, you will mostly require an expert technician but DIY is also possible. Dig in all the wires so that they are not visible and connect the wired separately in different GFCI connections. 

Get GFCI outlet installed

For a secure outdoor power supply, GFCI outlets are required. Especially to the areas that are moisture prone, GFCI will provide safety and security. While getting the GFCI outlet, ensure that you get an outdoor rated, high-sensitivity and weatherproof GFCI model. The outlets must have spring loaded covers to protect them from pests etc.

Placing the Outlet

  • Look for a convenient location to add the outlet.
  • Drill the hole in the house wall
  • Fit the mounting box and draw in the wiring. 
  • Ensure that all the wires are safely connected.

Contact Mr. Electric of Dallas immediately to procure help for your outdoor power requirements.