Upgrade Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Upgrade Your Home with Landscape Lighting

February 14, 2018

You need a landscape lighting if your yard is not visible in the dark. With a landscape lighting provided by Mr. Electric of Dallas, you can simply bring in some life into the yard, and project the beauty of your home, especially in the dark. Mr. Electric of Dallas provides a landscape lighting technology that has never been seen before and you can choose from a diverse selection of setups and styles, depending on the most suitable. There are basically two types of landscape lighting, these are;

? Line-Voltage Landscape Lighting, and

?Low-Voltage landscape lighting. 

The Line-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Line-Voltage Landscape Lighting is one of the best options you can choose when it comes to lightning up your landscape, it relies on 120 volts of electricity, and just like the standard outlets located in your home, hence it is more popular in commercial applications especially when the user wants to secure his or her yard or improve visibility within the garden or yard. One of the main advantages of using the Line-Voltage Landscape lighting is that it is less expensive than other landscape lighting methods such as Low voltage landscape lighting. The main disadvantage of this option for landscape lighting is that operating costs can be higher than that of low-voltage lighting. Line voltage lighting must be installed by a competent technician, especially as it requires trenches that must be located 18inches below the ground. 

Low-Voltage Landscape lighting

The low-voltage landscape lighting is another type of landscape lighting that can be installed by Mr. Electric of Dallas. This type of lighting operations will require 120 volts of electricity and it is capable of stepping the electricity power down to 12 volts through the aid of a transformer. The main benefit of this type of lighting for your landscape is that it is completely safe to use even in wet and moisty conditions and for this reason, the power lines will require minimal submerging into the ground. Secondly, the operational cost of this landscape lighting can be significantly lower than that of line voltage landscape lighting.

 Low voltage bulbs are known to last longer, and they come with better and stronger vibration and shock resistance. The main disadvantage of this lighting system is that the wires can be easily damaged because of their shallow underground burial and most damages are caused by garden or yard tools. Secondly, the need to include a transformer during installation can make the Low-voltage landscape lighting slightly more expensive. 

Which type of landscape lighting should you consider for your home?

You may want to consider the low-voltage landscape lighting because it is safer to operate under wet conditions, and can be less expensive to operate for years hence it is mostly preferred by homeowners. Low-voltage landscape lighting also comes in more styles than line voltage landscape lighting including the recessed, suspended, and pendant lighting options. If you are still unsure of which type of lighting you want for your landscape, please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas immediately and you will be glad you did.