What`s the Difference Between AC & DC Power?

What`s the Difference Between AC & DC Power?

January 13, 2018

Both AC and DC possess the abilities to provide electric power in different ways, thus, it is very important to understand their differences when performing electrical installations in homes. If you are confused about your homes electrical installation, or you just purchased a new appliance and you need to make changes to your electric circuit, please call Mr. Electric of Dallas and a professional, certified electrician will be there to help you out.

What are the main differences between AC and DC current?

Simply put, Direct Current (DC), is the one that runs in a single direction. It can be very difficult to convert the DC current to high or low voltages and that is why the alternating current (AC) was developed. The AC current alternates, which means it can move in both direction, as a matter of fact, the AC can move in both directions at 60times/second. AC current is much easier to handle because it can be converted into low and high voltages, with the aid of a transformer.

Where are AC and DC currents applicable?

Both AC and DC will deliver currents under different circumstances. For instance, your offices and homes will always receive AC current, and because its direction can change, each and every appliance will receive the recommended low or high voltages via a transformer. Your home appliances, including the dishwasher, TV and air conditioner, will receive different voltages of electricity based on their electrical ratings.

Most appliances that are powered by batteries will receive consistent DC current. Your smartphone, for instance, will be powered by DC current. Similarly, remotely controlled kids toys will also rely on DC current that flows in one direction between the positive and negative battery terminals.

It is possible to combine the AC/DC currents in some appliances. For instance, personal computers like the laptop can make use of both AC/DC currents. The movement of current will begin from AC current from the outlet, down to the laptop charging cord, and then it will be converted to a DC via a power adapter that is located in-between the plug ends and the outlet. This is how your laptop battery is recharged. The AC/DC combination is also found in some automobile cars.

What does the future hold for the DC/AC currents?

It can be difficult to predict the future of DC/AC currents, but one thing is certain, most home and business needs will be powered by AC current. The increase in the influx of new appliances such as LEDs and electric vehicles will also make DC current more relevant. One issue that must be considered through the conversion of DC to AC current is that users will require fewer electricity losses.

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