Guide to Where to Begin When Switching to LED Light Bulbs

Guide to Where to Begin When Switching to LED Light Bulbs

January 25, 2018

The Led lights are surely a new buzz in the market and if you too are looking to turn your house around with the jazzy led lights then Mr. Electric is the right place for you. Given the importance of led lights, more and more people are shifting to the led bandwagon and are happily saving a lot on their monthly utility bill. There is no doubt that led’s are efficient, function well and have decently surpassed those tube lights and halogens from the market. In addition, Led’s come with a warranty of 10 years and hence once you have it at your place, you house will be lit evenly for the next 10 years. Light Installation in Dallas

At Mr. Electric in Dallas, you can check our variety of Led bulbs and pick up the most appropriate one for yourself at extremely reasonable prices. Our company is the best in the market and has a proven record of accomplishment of excellence. If you do not want to spend much on the reformation of your house lights, you can start with as low as $2.50 per led bulb. Adding a few more bucks to it, you will get some fancy Led’s to suit your personality. The various options available are:

  • Daylight sensing bulbs at $9
  • Dimmable led bulbs at $15
  • Fancy color changing lights at $20.

Switching to Led lights

The led lights are energy saving lights and can be used in most of the common fixtures. If you are worried over how to start changing you regular lights, here are some tips for you:

  • You can easily start with the bulbs you use the most. This is an excellent opportunity to save many bucks as now you will be using led lights that consume less electricity.
  • The next you can focus on the places where bulbs have not been put such as garage or porch.
  • Target the areas over the ceiling where it is hard to change lights again and again. Led lights are ideal as they rarely require change and work for a long time.

Which kind of LED light for which space?

Come to Mr. Electric and we will have your entire led requirement clear. Each space in your house needs different led system. Here is a short guide to that:

  • The Living room calls for some mixed lighting as everyone at home uses the room so a mixture of all tastes is required here. Go for some adjustable lamps with 3-way LED bulbs etc.
  • The kitchen needs energy and hence you need absolute brightness here. Try for recessed Led retrofits kits, which are a boon.
  • Bathrooms in your house will need some dimmable fixtures. You can look for brightness of 3000-8000.
  • In your bedroom you will definitely need a cozy ambience and a rhythmic light waves is needed here to please your soul. Use soft neutral bulbs to add a grace to your bedroom along with bedside reading lamps.

For any further assistance, feel free to contact Mr. Electric and find us ready to help you anytime.