Whole House Fans and Ventilation Solutions

Whole House Fans and Ventilation Solutions

January 01, 2022

You might be more reliant on your air conditioner than you need to be. Here in Dallas, temperatures are relatively mild until about May. Until then, a whole house fan and ventilation system is enough to keep you cool. Plus, a whole house fan uses up to 90 percent less energy than the average air conditioner. Even during the summertime, a whole house fan and ventilation system is a great complement to the air conditioner. We’ll get into more details later in the article. If you have any questions about a whole house fan installation, or if you would like to schedule an on-site consultation, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas.

How Whole House Fans Work

A whole house fan draws cool air in from open windows and releases hot air through the attic and roof. This provides healthy air ventilation at a rate of three to six air changes per hour. Of course, the rate varies with the climate, floor plan, and so forth. The ventilation also eliminates humidity buildup in many areas of the home. This can reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth as well as wood decay.

Though it does not necessarily cool the house, the whole house fan can create a breeze that wicks sweat off of your persons and make you feel cooler. The release of hot air also helps with the cooling. In fact, the whole house fan can make it feel a few degrees cooler. This means you can dial the thermostat a few degrees higher and save money on energy bills without sacrificing your comfort.

The Whole House Fan Installation Process

Installing a whole house fan involves intricate measurements, electrical work, and heavy lifting. In short, it is a tricky process that should be left to the professionals lest you risk damaging your property and electrical system or injuring yourself. Plus, improper installation can cause your whole house fan to be uncomfortably noisy.

The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Dallas are trained and equipped to properly install the whole house fan correctly the first time around. Further, we are ready to help you select the right whole house fan with your unique circumstance in mind. We take all the necessary measures to make sure your fan is installed to meet the specific demands of your building. This complete turn-key installation includes wiring, controls, and installation so that you can test drive your unit without delay.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Dallas?

Mr. Electric of Dallas is a tried-and-true company with decades of industry experience. Our technicians are not only experienced, but they are also regularly trained and equipped with some of the latest tools and technology. This premier service will not cost you an arm and a leg either. We take pride in our affordable prices and even have special discounts and coupons you may take advantage of. You do not have to take our word for it though. Call Mr. Electric of Dallas to get your free price estimate and decide for yourself whether our prices are right. We are ready to take your call.