Why Label Your Electrical Panel?

Why Label Your Electrical Panel?

August 14, 2022

Are you just getting acquainted with your electrical panel? There isn’t much complexity to the electrical panel, but there are ways to make it easier to use. Specifically, labeling the electrical panel can save you time by eliminating the guessing game. In this article, we will go over how the electrical panel works and why labeling it can pay. Feel free to call Mr. Electric of Dallas if you are looking for an electrician in the area. We offer electrical panel replacement, repair, and installation services.

How Does the Electrical Panel Work?

Without getting into the technical details, let’s review how the electrical panel works. The electrical panel is the gatekeeper of electricity in your building and the brains of your electrical system.

There are multiple electrical circuits in the electrical system and the electrical panel monitors electrical activity in each of them. When it senses unusual electrical activity in a specific circuit, the electrical panel is meant to cut off electricity to the circuit in question. This protects the electrical system, your home, your devices and appliances, and you from electrical damage and electrical fires.

Unfortunately, the electrical panel will not automatically turn on the electricity to that circuit. Instead, you must manually do it. If the panel has circuit breakers, or switches, then simply toggling the breaker to the "ON" position will restart the electrical flow to the circuit. If your electrical panel uses fuses, then you must change out the blown fuse with a new one. We recommend you replace fuse boxes with circuit breakers. Fuses are a hassle and not as safe or reliable as circuit breakers.

You might also need to flip the circuit breakers into the "OFF" position sometimes. For instance, if you plan on doing some electrical work, then you should cut off the electricity to the respective circuit. Emergency situations, such as flooding, also call for you to flip the switches OFF.

Finding the Right Circuit Breaker

There are many circuit breakers or fuses in the electrical panel and finding the right one could take some time if they are not labeled. If a circuit breaker has tripped "OFF," then it might be easier to simply find the odd one out, but what if you need to turn OFF only one among the many? Most of the time this guessing game is harmless. Still, what if you need to turn off electricity quickly during an emergency? Or what if you accidentally shut off electricity to the office room and shut down your computer without saving?

Labeling your electrical panel can save time and save you from a headache, or even a disaster. Grab a partner and turn on the lights in every room. Shut off each circuit breaker or unscrew each fuse one by one and have your partner tell you which room has been affected. Label each one before moving onto the next circuit breaker or fuse. Keep in mind that some circuit breakers are dedicated to appliances.

Need an Electrician?

If your electrical panel is giving you problems and you want the help of a professional, then call Mr. Electric of Dallas to hire a trained electrician. We offer electrical panel repair, replacement, and installation services.