Why You Should Invest in Solar Power

Why You Should Invest in Solar Power

June 16, 2018

What are the benefits of investing in solar energy? 

The main benefit of investing in solar energy is that you will harness the source of energy which is the sun, for free. It is a clean, renewable form of energy that involves the use of solar panels. Secondly, the entire setup or installation is quick and easy, and as the whole world is switching to this cleaner and renewable energy, you will contribute your own quota towards the slowdown of climate change.

What are the considerations you must make when deciding whether to install solar panels in your home?

Answering the following question should help you determine if solar energy installation will be appropriate for your home;

  • Is there enough sunlight coverage on your property? If you reside in a cloudy environment with lots of shady trees, you may not get sufficient sunshine to power your solar panels. You can contact electricians from Mr. Electric of Dallas to help you identify how much sunshine you will need to power your solar panels. 
  • Is there enough space in the south-facing area of your roof? The south-facing area of the roof normally offers the best access to sunshine. If you don’t have sufficient south-facing area of the roof, you may request for a ground-mount solar installation - Mr. Electric of Dallas can also help you in this regard. 
  • Will your home owner’s association allow you to install solar panels? Some homeowners’ associations hate the sight of solar panels, thus making it difficult for some homeowners to install the energy appliance. 
  • Are there solar energy incentives available in your region?  There are certain incentives or rebates made available to homeowners who invest in clean, renewable energy such as solar energy, these incentives include; Federal income tax credits, Local council or local government incentives, State tax credits, Rebates and incentives from utility service providers, Sales, and property tax exemptions. You may want to check the Database of incentives for renewable energy in your region to access these rebates and incentives. 

Are the investments in solar panels worth it? 

In the last 10 years, the cost of installing solar panels has dropped by over 70%, and with the use of solar energy, the average household energy usage of 12.58cents/ KWh, makes it much more affordable than the regular public energy system. With solar energy, you can save as much as 750$ a year or more depending on how much energy you consume. 

It is expected that most homeowners will break even on solar energy investment, in as little as 7 ½ years, and that is quite a short period compared to the average life expectancies of solar systems which stood at between 25 and 30 years. Contact Mr. Electric of Dallas for the supply and installation of durable, efficient and reliable solar panels today!