How to Dispose of Electronics Responsibly

How to Dispose of Electronics Responsibly

June 22, 2018

Getting rid of electronics such as computers, mobile phones, and old television may be tricky, especially when the options available to responsibly dispose them are not taken into consideration. There are several ways to get rid of your old or faulty electronics. The truth is no state, or any individual has the monopoly of power to turn another state or location into a dumping ground. There are concerns that when some of these items such as plastic casings, circuit board, cathode ray tubes and so much more, are burnt it often leads to serious environmental pollution that are hazardous hence the need to responsibly get rid of these items. Some of the items can be donated or recycled, and if not, there are several other available options or ways of disposing of electronics responsibly.

Factors to Consider Before Disposing Electronics

There is need to assess the condition of your electronics before getting rid of them, and the first step to take is to determine whether or not the electrical items are due for disposal. This means, you may need to identify the condition of the electronics. If it's working, a safer way to get rid of the electronics may be to use it as a donation. Electronics that are not out-dated might still be useful for someone else. Therefore, a charitable gesture may just be all you need to give. You may choose to contact Mr. Electric for more advice on how you can dispose of your electronics responsibly.

How Do You Dispose Your Electronics Responsibly?

There are several options of disposing your electronics, below are some of the ways you can get rids of your electronics responsibly.


If your electronics are not good enough to be given out as donation, recycling them may just be the right option, as this will conserve the electronic materials and keep the substances that may be hazardous out of landfills. Although the options to recycling your electronics vary depending on the location but then, it is absolutely safer.


Like we stated earlier in this piece, electronics can be given as a charitable item to someone else that may be in need of it. Getting rid of your old electronics by donation is one of the safest ways to dispose your electronics without causing harm to the environment. Meanwhile, your electronics can be donated if:

  • They are still in good working condition
  • They are less than five years or below date of expiration
  • The repair is minimal
  • There is less possibility of replacement

Many non-profit organisations do accept donation, in fact, some even organise charity exhibitions. So, you may choose to donate that old electronics and put a smile in somebodys face.

Electronics Resale

Electronic resale is one of the most common ways of getting rid of your electronic device. The good news is t is also profitable. Your gadgets can be sold at the electronic or mechanical workshops. You may even choose to turn it to credit, in which case when you need to buy any other electronics; you get a price reduction because of the credit gained from your old electronics.