Why Do Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

Why Do Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

October 26, 2018

With the drop in prices of LED lighting fixtures, more people are now switching from conventional light bulbs. LED bulbs last longer, energy-efficient and more much more durable. Upgrading to LEDs is one option to consider if you suffer from constant bulb blow out and Mr. Electric of Dallas can help you choose the right bulbs for this purpose. If you use the old-style bulbs and constantly suffer from blowouts, it could be probably due to one of the following reasons;

Low-quality cheap bulbs

Low-quality bulbs are known to burn faster even under normal conditions Cheaper bulbs do come with thinner filaments hence you should consider switching to LED bulbs.

Electrical arcing 

When the bottom of your bulb doesn’t snug correctly to the light socket, there could be an arcing of electricity in-between the bulb and the socket. Arcing electricity will normally generate more heat and that can lead to a blowout. You can detect this condition with the black spot at the bottom of the bulb- please contact Mr. Electric of Dallas electrician for proper replacement of the bulb and repair of connection. Screwing a light bulb too tightly can cause electrical arcing but a professional electrician can fix such an abnormality.

High voltage supply

The lifespan of a traditional bulb can be drastically reduced with the regular supply of high voltage. While electrical arcing issues will generate much heat, a bulb will simply blow out when a high electrical voltage is sustained for a very long time. You need to consult a professionally trained electrician to confirm those instances of excess voltage and to make the necessary correction to the cause. Most of the excess voltage running through homes are generated from the local electric grid or the electrical system in your home. 

Vibration effect

The traditional filament light bulbs can be more delicate than you think especially those that are cheaply designed. Over a long period of time, mechanical vibrations may eventually contribute to the blow out of a bulb especially when it causes the filament to snap. Most vibrations that cause the bulb to blow out can come from the appliances nearby, similarly, soundwaves and even the human traffic nearby can cause a bulb to vibrate and eventually blow out. If the vibration is the reason why your bulbs blow out then switching to LED bulbs could be the ideal solution. 

Mr. Electric of Dallas offers 100% reliable solutions to blow out of bulbs

Are you constantly having issues with a blow out of bulbs in your home, you need to contact Mr. Electric of Dallas as soon as you can for the proper repair and replacement services. Mr. Electric of Dallas electrician will check the root-cause of the blow out the problem and fix such, before recommending the ideal bulbs that will last longer and save you significantly in costs of energy. Mr. Electric of Dallas has helped thousands of families make the right choice of electrical fixtures (including LED bulbs), contact us today and you will be glad you made the right choice.